Monday @ 7:30am
Tuesday @ 8am
Wednesday @ 6:30am & 7:30am
Thursday @ 8am
Friday @ 6:30am
Saturday @ 8am (BOOTCAMP)
Saturday @ 8am (KICKBOXING)


Single class $25
Series of 10 classes $180
Unlimited classes $200


Contact for zoom links & payment options





    Olivia really knows her stuff. She mixes it up, keeps it interesting and challenges you to push beyond your limits. - Paul H.

    In a word , Olivia is: Extraordinary! I have trained with Olivia for years, This is a workout instructor who keeps you motivated, makes it fun but real, and manages to incorporate a full body workout into an hour that is just right for your particular needs and fitness level. Olivia can instinctively see when I am up for a little more 'push", and when I am barely getting through the day. She is very aware of any areas of weakness and injury, and is careful to strengthen without stressing injuries. She has great training and knows her body mechanics, getting optimal results safely and thoroughly every time. Thanks to Olivia, I am stronger, have more energy, and still look great in my clothes. My husband says I still remind him of the girl he married 30 years ago, and I credit Olivia for that, 100%.
    If you are thinking about trying a workout with Olivia, I would say don't wait a second longer! Caution: working out with Olivia can become addictive!
    P.S. My 24 year old daughter lives in Dallas, but the first thing she does EVERY trip  home is to schedule with Olivia, her workout are one of the things she misses most about L.A. - Eve S. 

    So grateful to have found Olivia.  Her Tuesday/Thursday morning boot camp is challenging and fun and has been a great way to mix up my regular workouts.  My overall strength and body composition has noticeably improved in the short time I've been going. The added plus is that she is SUPER NICE but firm.  Can't do better than her. - Cecilia S.